Contract signing with Rakita Exploration ltd. company on providing consulting sevices

Dvoper ltd. was engaged by Rakita Exploration ltd. as a special consultant for providing consulting services in the field of following activities for realization of The Mining Project for exploration works on solid mineral raw materials in hydrothermal Cu-Au system on Čukaru Peki location near Bor, in accordance with the Law on Mining and Geological Explorations, Law on Environmental Protection, Water Law, Law on Environmental Impact Assessment and other bylaws.

Within the agreed activities, Dvoper ltd. will, during the coming period, in Investor’s name, also work on obtaining the necessary Opinions, Conditions, Compliances and Permits from the competent institutions, and will also follow the dynamic of realization of the activities regarding various documents and studies in the field of environmental protection and environmental impact assessment, but will also be engaged, optionally, to draft some of the listed documents.