Submitted the Requests for Approval of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies for Projects: New Landfill with Accompanying Facilities at the Vinča Site and Construction of the Municipal Utility Waste and Landfill Gas Plant “Vinča”

Dvoper ltd has prepared Environmental Impact Assessment Studies for the New Landfill Project with accompanying facilities at the Vinča site and the construction of the municipal waste and landfill gas plant Vinča, which were submitted to the Ministry of Environmental Protection for approval.

Public consultation and presentation of the the Studies attended by representatives of the City of Belgrade, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Municipality of Grocka, the investor Beo Clean Energy Ltd and other stakeholders was held on 23rd of July.

The consultation was held with the active participation of the public, whose questions, which were mostly related to the applied technology in the plant for energy utilization of waste, were answered by representatives of the companies Beo clean energy Ltd and Dvoper Ltd.